Prolotherapy – My Personal Experience – Part 1

treatments_neck_stifness[1]I am asking again: Do you have neck stiffness and pain? Does your lower back is injured and is rigid? Do you have groin pain? Well I have had all these problems, and sometimes I am still experiencing these painful symptoms. If you’re like me, you may have already turned to your family physician, specialist, or other healthcare professional looking for a solution to your on-going health and pain concerns. And probably, the numerous treatments you’ve tried may have brought you only temporary relief, or possible unwanted side effects, with little or no lasting health benefits. All of which keeps you from enjoying the quality of life that you wish.

Prolotherapy[1]But after all of recommended standard treatments including pain killers, I found a better solution to cope with my pain, and I want to share with you my experience with the PROLOTHERAPY – regenerative injections therapy.  This is just part one of a series of articles related to my personal experience using alternative therapies. Read my story and see if you can relate to my case. If you do, I urge you to discuss with your doctor and to consider this alternative treatment, as a potential solution to your pain.

NOTE: Prolotherapy is a treatment of choice.  Many athletes are using prolotherapy with great results. It might not be as effective for everyone, and it might not last forever. Some people using prolotherapy might completely heal, while others will have just a temporarily relief that can last sometimes up to two years. (my personal case).  Due to these injectable treatments to my lower back, I was able to be more functional and to be capable to exercise regularly. I also was able to compete in the Karate BC Championship at the age of 50.

header_prolotherapy[1]When you are in physical discomfort, you don’t feel like to exercise regularly right?  As the body is trying to protect the injured area is creating pain to limit the movements. You might use some anti-inflammatory medicine to relieve this soreness, but in time the pain might become chronic in nature and you are “screwed up”.  You might even get depressed and frustrated to the fact that you are limited in movements and you cannot accomplish your proposed tasks.

This was my case:

In the past, I have had some lower back discomfort, and I relate this problem to a motor vehicle accident that happened about 15 years ago. I was young and I was restless to build a new life in Canada and I assumed that my good physical condition will allow me to quickly recover in short time.

But I was wrong. The lower back discomfort returned from time to time (once per year or even once every two years) and the pain was manageable with rest, stretching, bathing in a hot tab, applying cold compressions and taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine such as Aspirin or Advil. In one or two days I felt better and functional, although some stiffness was still present for three to four days.

Miami-Car-Accident-Injury-Lawyer[1]But in 2009, I was involved in another car accident. Trying to avoid a collision in front of me, I pushed hard and quickly on the brake pedal. I avoided the collision in front, but unfortunately I was rear-ended by another car. As a result, the lower back pain was once again activated and this time I also have had aching into my cervical area. But the adrenaline rush I experienced at the moment of impact, kept me functional for that day. It was the second day after the accident, when I start to feel more discomfort to my neck with some tingling on my right arm, and few days after also a sharp pain to my lower back.

As recommended by my family doctor, I did different treatments such chiropracting adjustments, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage. And I have experienced some temporarily relief from my pain. Unfortunately, in time those occasional pain increased in frequency and the period for “restoration” was longer than few days, (sometimes even longer than one month).

And thanks to Dr. Jeff Almon, a chiropractor and physical therapist in Vancouver, who used orthopaedic testing, I was diagnosed with some biomechanical imbalances, myofacial strains and neurological dysfunctions, and for a while, using manual manipulations to the spine and soft tissue, he helped me to push away my pain. But these treatments were just temporarily relief for my re-occurring pain. Unfortunately, in time, as my discomfort become long-lasting in nature, I was diagnosed with chronic mechanical spinal pain and myofacial pain into the deep connective tissue structures.  As a former athlete and certified strength and conditioning specialist (now a Doctor of Chiropractic in BC) Dr. Almon was involved with many Olympic and professional athletes including the Chinese National Speedskating team and the Barbados National Track Cycling team. So, Dr. Almon recommended getting a few regenerative injections treatment called PROLOTHERAPY, (proliferation therapy). He knew that prolotherapy – injections with sugar, anaesthesia and other homeopathic solutions – is the choice of many injured athletes, so he recommended me to speak with my family doctor and to do my own research.

And I did. And I founded that these injections with sugar, anaesthesia and other homeopathic solutions were specifically formulated to regenerate the ligaments and tendons, giving more stability to the injured area and promoting a faster healing. I also discovered that the treatment is 85% successful for most types of musculoskeletal pain, including degenerative joint conditions, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, unresolved whiplash injuries, chronic tendonitis, ligaments and cartilage, and even degenerated or herniated discs.

For more information on this subject and my personal experience stay tune. My next article will cover in more details this topic. Until then please subscribe to my e-newsletter for even more exciting health news:


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